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Monica Engeler

Monica Engeler

Little Falls, NJ


I love to work with color. For example Vivid and bold colors are my purposes in my work. I use acrylic, and gouache paint as well as color pencil and black pen.

I am a visual artist which means I like to paint things that are real to the eye. I live with story ideas and try to make them reality. My cat Tasha is my pride and joy in my work. She gives me endless hours of ideas.

I only discovered my abilities in art late in life, but I have a passion for it now. I went to Johnson State College in Vermont and graduated with a BA in 1987, I then continued to School Of Visual Arts in NYC. I finally finished everything in 1990 with a BFA in Fine Art. I struggled to make things happen as an artist and decided after three years of rejection and not making much money with it to find a real job. I learned the computer and started to work in an office. For the time, I lay my brush down.

Only in the last few years did I pick my brush up again. I felt like a beginner when I started, but as time went on things improved with my artwork. I seem to learn gradually as I work independently. I am glad that I returned to my art. It is something I missed and regret I gave up in life. I should never let discouragement stop me. If you love something never give it up. Maybe give yourself a break but never quit.

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